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NUCCA Chiropractic in Henderson: Safe, Gentle & Effective!

NUCCA is an acronym for the National Upper Cervical Chiropractic Association.

NUCCA Care is one of the most effective chiropractic techniques in the healthcare field. A NUCCA adjustment is a very gentle adjustment to your upper cervical spine that has a powerful effect throughout your entire body. A NUCCA adjustment will influence your nervous system, vertebral alignment, and even your internal organs. NUCCA can have an immense effect on pain and discomfort affecting your entire body.
When you come to our Henderson, Nevada practice, you will have specific digital x-ray films taken of your spine. The films will provide a 3-D type view of your misalignment. This will ensure that you can see exactly how your head and neck are misaligned in relation to the rest of your body. With this information, the Doctors can precisely measure your misalignment and know exactly how to correct your problem. The Doctors will then apply gentle adjustments to the upper neck, that do not include any twisting, popping, or cracking. This adjustment is essential to taking pressure off of your nerves.

Post X-rays are taken immediately following your first spinal adjustment to ensure a complete correction of your misalignment. This also allows you to see your body and spine change over time .

NUCCA Chiropractic Care is safe and effective for all ages. Do not allow yourself or anyone you know to suffer another day unnecessarily. Take back control of your health today!

NUCCA Chiropractic care has been documented to show improvements with the following health conditions:
Attention Deficit Disorder
Auto and Sport Injuries
Cerebral Palsy
Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
Chronic Stress or Pain
Herniated Discs
Multiple Sclerosis

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